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Draw and guess your friends’ drawings


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Draw Something Free is a very entertaining social videogame in which you have to try to draw ‘something’ that the game gives you while another person (over the Internet) tries to guess what you are doodling on the screen of your cell phone.

When another person guesses (or doesn't guess) what you have drawn, it will be your turn to pay attention to what they draw and try to guess what it’s about. Additionally, the better you do the more coins you earn and can boast of in front of your friends.

The mechanics of drawing, as you can imagine, is very simple. All you have to do is use the tip of your finger to draw what you want on the screen. And don’t even think that you need especially good artistic gifts since anybody can do four doodles and come out a true king.

Draw Something Free is one of the most popular games on Google Play for a very simple reason: it’s easy to play and very addicting. The whole world can doodle on the screen of their Android device, and enjoying it with friends can become truly fun.
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